Hey? Hi? Hello? Welcome? Anyway, in a brief nutshell - I’m Tumi, a qualified medical doctor, avid traveller and lover of social commentary! This blog is where I’m documenting and sharing my experiences, thoughts and tips. 

The internet is an amazing place brimming with information on virtually any and everything. However, the amount of “fake news” and misinformation on it ranges from being mildly amusing to outrightly terrifying. As a doctor, it inspires me to provide engaging, educational, evidence based content on issues ranging from the current COVID-19 pandemic to women’s health to medical technology to life as a medic. 

As a traveller, I want to see more people like me exploring avenues for fun, affordable, sustainable travel. Looking at how you can have a good time fully immersing yourself in a new environment whilst being mindful of how it impacts both the local people and environment. 

Aside from this, I really just have a lot to speak on as a millennial, black woman figuring out life! I hope this blog speaks to someone in some way and can serve as platform to connect with those who may relate and/or enjoy similar experiences.

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